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The first thing people notice when you meet them is your personality. Humans have a knack for being judgmental of others. When you do not know or meet someone for the first time, you judge the person through his personality. Personality development is essential for this reason. A good impression, at first sight lasts for a long time, and you can capitalize on the good impression at first sight to fulfill your professional goals and aspirations.

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We treat our website visitors, as potential future clients and hence give them due respect. But we have the following rules for our visitors to use our site that we expect our clients to agree to, and if not, leave our site.

• Must not republish any material on the site without prior written permission from us
• Should not sell, sub-license or rent material from the site to others
• Must not duplicate or reproduce the site material in other online or offline ways
• We are not responsible for any comments many by our clients on the site
• Hyperlinking our site is allowed only for government agencies, and others should get our approval before doing it

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