How To Find Your Personal Style

How To Find Your Personal Style

Style, whether personal or universal, is constantly evolving. Numerous factors such as seasons and trends play a significant role in deciding your style. However, it helps to ensure you have a well-defined style. Your style should be the kind that doesn’t change drastically with time. 

Style reveals your personality and works wonders while boosting confidence. It helps you stand out. Thus, it is crucial to have a well-defined personal style. 

Understanding style personality types 

There are ten types of universally-accepted styles. You can use this tool as a reference to identify your style. 

  • Drama: Confident and bold; often experimental. The choice of colour can be bright and fancy. 
  • Classic: Evergreen and elegant; hardly experimental. Undertone choice of colours. 
  • Sporty: Relaxed yet elegant; function and comfort prioritised over everything else.
  • Adventure: Textured and wholesome; can include a mix of styles.
  • Gamine: Petite and tidy; includes mellow colours and delicate features. 
  • Princess: Cute and small; highly focused on feminine colours; features royalty.
  • Romantic: Sexy and fabulous; colours are earthy, but undertones are usually dark. 

What’s your personal style? Find out below!

  • Do you prefer comfort over style? Sporty is your way.
  • Do you wish to express your high spirit? You love adventure. 
  • Are you bold and would like to stand out? Drama is your middle name. 
  • Would you like to highlight your feminine style? Princess shines through.
  • Do you want to appear cultured? Gamine is what you prefer. 
  • Are you old-school? Classic never dies for you. 
  • Would you like to highlight your physical features? Romantic style goes hand in hand with you. 

If you need help further visualising and exploring your personal style, connect with Afrida Zaman Suneja at [email protected]. A high-value coach, she has mastered the art of personal styling from The Emily Post Institute of Business Etiquette, USA. 



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