Can Empathy Change The World

Can Empathy Change The World

The world is changing, people are talking about a rising need for empathy to heal our nations. Social media is flooding with posts, charging us to rise above all bitterness and think from the heart. 

Individuals expect respect and care, but do we know how to offer it to others? If we commit to empathy, does it stand a chance to change the world?

A closer look at empathy 

Empathy is the ability to perceive others’ feelings and relate to them. Giacomo Rizzolatti of the University of Parma was the first to confirm that humans are biologically designed to connect with each other. He explained how our brains consist of mirror neurons that are activated when our brains tune in with each other. 

A deeper understanding of empathy may lead to discovering the most powerful tool in business, especially in building relationships. Empathy is perhaps most crucial today when an offline work culture is now open and opportunities to connect with individuals in person are everything.

Here are three reasons why your relationship, business or services could do with a touch of empathy; 

Reason #1 Empathy will help you understand your colleague, friend, customer or client’s requirements. How else will you win their loyalty? 

Reason #2 Practicing empathy with your fellow workers holds you in good stead for great ideas to be born. Technology giant Google knows this well and has long been following this norm. 

Reason #3 You stand a greater chance of standing out  & building a long lasting relationship, when offering services from an empathetic perspective. 


We all possess the ability to empathize. The problem arises when we wish to put it into action. Afrida Zaman Suneja – a high-value coach with 15+ years of experience in the grooming industry, trains individuals to shine out. Get started on your journey today by connecting at [email protected]



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