A Guide To Guest Etiquette In Hotels

A Guide To Guest Etiquette In Hotels

Maintaining our manners and etiquette is a responsibility to be upheld for eternity, even on holidays. A vacation is the best opportunity to brush up on your guest etiquette in hotels, ensuring a pleasant experience for the hotel employees and yourself. 

So, here’s a list of etiquettes you might need to pack with you:

#1 Interactions with The Hotel Employees

Your journey of being the most splendid guest starts with hotel staff etiquette. It is essential to maintain a positive attitude throughout your stay. Interacting politely and refraining from showering the employees with complaints is a good start. Hotel employees cater to all your requests, given that you ask them kindly.

#2 Honor the Housekeeping Staff

Treating the housekeeping staff right includes keeping your room easy to clean, tipping them at least $1-5 per night, and helping them simplify their job. 

For example, if you do not need new towels, hang them up for the housekeeping to know. This saves resources and energy in constantly changing your towels. 

#3 Hoarding is Never an Option

Certain items that you can take home from the hotel are complementary products in the room, personalized robes, slippers, notepads, and toiletries. Taking home anything other than these items is a huge red flag. 

Moreover, hotel etiquette while eating is to not hoard food and water bottles from the hotel spread for the cousins you will meet later. 

#4 Leave the Room a Little Less Messy

Though you might say that we pay for the housekeeping services, leaving the room a bit tidy for the staff is modest. You can dispose of the trash properly and stack the towels for easy cleaning. 

All in all, politeness and etiquettes foster an exquisite stay at the hotel. I can help you catch up with these mannerisms seamlessly. I am Afrida Zaman Suneja, with prolific experience in grooming people and making learning etiquettes a piece of cake. 

If you are eager to polish your personality, email me at [email protected].



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